Just Natural now plastic free packaging

just natural plastic free packaging

Just Natural now have plastic free packaging!

Our plant based packaging material is officially certified compostable

This packaging is plant based and is compostable in accordance with EN 13432.

It should be disposed of with your plastic recycling waste or composting waste if available in your are.

Help reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing Just Natural at your local independent retailer.

See the range here

Organic Apricots Unsulphured


Organic Black Onion Seed 25g


Organic Black Peppercorns 25g


Organic brown linseed 1000g


Organic Buckwheat Flakes


Organic Cayenne Pepper


Organic Cumin seed 25g – Cumin Ground


Organic Dill Herb – Just Natural


Organic Figs – Just Natural


Organic Ground Ginger


Organic Hazelnuts – Just Natural premium quality


Organic Mango Slices – Just Natural premium quality


Organic Milled Flaxseed (linseed)


Organic Oat Bran 350g- Just Natural


Organic Omega 3 Seed Mix


Organic Paprika – Just Natural


Organic Pumpkin Seeds


Organic Quinoa grain – Just Natural


Organic Red Quinoa grain


Organic Sage 25g – Just Natural


Organic Sesame Seeds Unhulled


Organic Sunflower Seeds


Organic Thyme (Box) 25g


Organic Walnut halves – Just Natural premium quality


Organic Wheat Bran 350g


Organic Wheat Grain 500g


Organic Whole brazils – Just Natural


Turmeric (Box) 30g Just Natural


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