What exactly is Masons Dog Oil

Masons Dog Oil

Mason’s Dog Oil is for people!

So I have to agree and say wow – I didn’t know that – DOG OIL is for humans too. Every now and then you tend to come across a product in-store and don’t give it a second glance.

But then when you start reading into it and the benefits it can have it really is intriguing.

Having been around since the 1890’s but been produced by the Masons family since 1920 it is no newcomer to the health market and has stood the test of time exceptionally well.

We all know that all great discoveries seem to come by chance or accident and the same goes for Dog Oil.

Mason’s Dog Oil was originally for the muscle tone and flexibility of the racing dogs (greyhounds) which was applied both before and after the race.

It was then noticed that the people applying it became aware that it had great effective relief to themselves from joint pain (rheumatics) in their hands.

It can now be used on any pains in the body and limbs and is highly recommended by Physiotherapists and osteopaths. Athletes use it to warm up the muscles before sports, as well as the elderly, use it regularly.

It can also be used on dogs as originally intended as well as horses – great for muscles, tendons and joints.

It’s odourless, contains only natural ingredients which are vegetable oil and minerals and absorbs well into the skin.

For more information, it is available instore in our shop in  Stalybridge or buy it online.



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