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Mint Toothpaste 100ml

Mint Toothpaste 100ml A fresh fluoride-free toothpaste containing no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives, that is gluten free and

Natural Children’s Strawberry Toothpaste 75ml

Natural Children’s Strawberry Toothpaste 75ml Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste Children’s Strawberry Toothpaste Fluoride Free  

Moothpaste – Natural Base with Fluoride 100g

Moothpaste – Natural Base with Fluoride Natural base with added Fluoride Fluoride fills in surface scratches Free from SLS, Saccharin,

Fennel Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Fennel Fluoride Free Toothpaste The most popular product from Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste, the UK brand leaders in Natural Toothpastes. This

Silicone finger brush – oral hygiene

Silicone Finger Brush 2 pack Made from 100% medical/food-grade silicone, this has been designed for a simple and effective start

Sarakan Mouthwash helps fight plaque

Sarakan Mouthwash 300ml Sarakan mouthwash rinse helps fight plaque and tartar to promote and maintain gum health. Research shows Salvadora

Propolis liquid Ideal for gargling or as a mouth wash

Propolis liquid 30ml Propolis is a natural substance collected by honeybees from buds and trees, which contains a highly sophisticated,

Kingfisher fennel toothpaste

Kingfisher fennel toothpaste The original Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste, first made in 1988 by the UK brand leaders in Natural Toothpastes.

Citricidal Grapefruit Seed Extract

Citricidal Grapefruit Seed Extract 25ml All-time best-seller – Grapefruit seed extract is a natural cleanser wherever there is a need

Bio-propolis ointment 2g – can help soothe your cold sores

Bio-Propolis ointment Cold sores can be a source of great misery. They are both painful and embarrassing. The winter months

Moothwash – MooGoo Mouthwash

MooGoo Moothwash (Mouthwash) formulated with natural ingredients.

Moothpaste Teeth Whitening

Moothpaste Teeth Whitening – MooGoo A natural toothpaste with a Fluoride-free alternative Calcium Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a remineralising Fluoride substitute