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Comfrey Ointment from Bio-Health

Comfrey Ointment Soothing Comfrey ointment known in folk-law as “knit-bone”. Acknowledged as a useful rub. Suitable for all age groups.

Extra Zinc+ Bio-Health

Extra Zinc+ Vitamin B6, magnesium and copper with 15mg Zinc gluconate. 60 x One–a-day vegetable capsules. Zinc is the second

Extra Magnesium 60 capsules

Extra Magnesium 60 capsules Providing 125mg Elemental Magnesium per vegetable capsule Extra Magnesium Magnesium as complex = Magnesium Gluconate/Oxide/Carbonate. 60

Good-nite tablets to promote normal sleep

Good-Nite Tablets Traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of sleeplessness to promote normal sleep. Good-Nite® Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis

Fenugreek seed – maintain a healthy alimentary tract

Fenugreek Seed 60 Capsules Fenugreek is a complicated mixture of compounds that can help to maintain a healthy alimentary tract.

Cinnamon bark – to improve appetite

Cinnamon Bark 60 Capsules RRP £8.45 – Discounted due to BBE 03/21 Cinnamon is thought of as a Christmas spice

Celery Seed Capsules

Celery Seed Capsules (60) ‘Celery Seed” consists of the dried, ripe fruit, commonly referred to as ‘seeds’. Traditionally, Celery Seed