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Optibac For those on antibiotics

Optibac For those on antibiotics – 10 capsules A live cultures supplement specially developed for those taking a course of

Optibac One week flat

Optibac One week flat An easy to take short-term course of live cultures. Gluten-free and suitable for those with bloating.

OptiBac For your Cholesterol

OptiBac For your Cholesterol British Heart Foundation statistics reveal that 60% of the UK adult population has high cholesterol. ‘For

OptiBac For every day MAX

OptiBac For every day MAX This premium quality, 50 billion live cultures supplement from OptiBac contains 3 extensively researched strains;

OptiBac For women – Probiotics

Highly researched friendly bacteria for women

OptiBac Bifidobacteria & fibre

Live cultures and FOS for natural fibre

OptiBac for Everyday – Probiotics

Quality everyday live cultures supplement and a great sugar-free alternative to yoghurt drinks.